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    simple truth which the banks have swept aside in the implementation of their practice of issuing loan contracts The truth is in the meaning of the word variable as found in the Oxford English Dictionary Variable means uncertain and certain means not variable For contracts to be valid under the common law there must be certainty of terms as an essential element Therefore all loan contracts in which the banks have incorporated variable interest rates are invalid Those loans are illegal and the banks are common law criminals The judges know this and are concealing this serious offence This website exposes the incompetence corruption and treachery in the judiciary Magna Carta says To no one will we sell to no one will we deny or delay Right or Justice Unless the banks can be defeated such noble principles are gone and the people having no rights are merely slaves MAXIMS OF LAWS Lawyers and Judges like quoting Maxims of Law because they like to think that by doing so they are showing a superior knowledge and intelligence and that only they are fit and proper persons to run the Courts What follows will hopefully dispel that myth Read ON 670k pdf Other Interesting Links E mail Me DONATE TO THE CAUSE L I B E R T Y L E C T U R E read more 1 INALIENABLE RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY ACT 2 MAGNA CARTA MONUMENT 3 UNLAWFUL AUCTION IN NORTH ROCKS 4 YOU ARE THE LAW download the audio 5 What is a Jury SITE CONTENTS COMMON LAW RIGHTS GROUP World Peace and Trial by Jury YOUR ESSENTIAL RIGHT Democracy Class Action Notice To Vacate Video Declare It Treason Aug2008 TRUE DEMOCRACY presentation Challenging the Jurisdiction of the Court NO JUDICIAL IMMUNITY The Act Abolishing the

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